Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Senses Spiritual Development


This message is for the certified therapists of the group.

Regarding the spiritual development protocol having to do with the heightening of the senses, I have a different way of working with it. Instead of working on specific meridians, I use the standard product [Total Energy] in place of the meridian. In this way, one can work on the entire meridian system. I include "balancing" in the senses that our workbook mentions. I have gone through this protocol eight times. By the last two times, I am experiencing the strong dreams Jurek was talking about when people do this protocol. I'll let you know how things go as I start working on the glands.

Also, on a different note, I am including "amygdala" in my standard test in the same category as the glands. The amygdala is associated with anger, avoidance, fear, defensiveness, aggression, etc.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Military Healing

As a veteran of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and the son of a Vietnam Veteran, I am well aware of the short and long term effect military service can have on the physical, emotional and spiritual health of a person and their families.

Many veterans and their loved ones have not ever had the opportunity to holistically harmonize imbalances created as a result of the trauma of their experiences. And now everyday more and more individuals are returning from combat without adequate services.

After being back from Iraq for more than a decade I found that I was still carrying imbalanced energy as a result of my experiences. Through the use of Ondevit as a client and practitioner I have experienced the harmonizing of some if not all of this energy.

I have a strong concern for those returning now and those that have returned from all previous service and their families. If anyone is interested in finding out more about how Ondevit can address the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of those that have experienced the unique experience, issues and traumas associated with military service please check out ondevit websites or feel free to contact me or any other Ondevit therapist.

I look forward to the opening of this conversation with anybody that is interested.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Welcome to the new blogging site for Ondevit Institute Of The Americas. Ondevit Institute Of The Americas is a non-profit public charity formed in 2004. We were formed to help promote and expand the Ondevit therapeutic method in the United States, through research and education.

Ondevit is a spiritual development and healing method developed in the Netherlands in 1983, by French electrical engineer Claude Onillon. This method utilizes the power of the written word along with free energy, light, electricity and magnetism to harmonize energetic imbalances created by a persons environment (people, places, things, beliefs, experiences, inheritance, etc.).

As a side effect of the Ondevit development process - illness can be eliminated! Ondevit has had twenty years of successful results in the Netherlands and now the Ondevit Institute Of The Americas and certified Ondevit therapists are expanding that to American continents.

This blog is set up for Ondevit practitioners to discuss and share the philosophy and science of Ondevit, as well as their work and experiences with the greater global community.

We invite all to enter the conversation and community of healing and development with Ondevit.

For more information on Ondevit check out these websites: ;